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5 Important Factors Considering Selecting A Cell Phone Repair Store

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Broke your new cell phone by dropping it on the floor or water, and now you’re unsure where to take it to get it repaired? Don’t worry. These five factors will help you determine the right cell phone repair store and whether or not you should get your services done from that store. There is […]

Visit A Phone Repair Store Instead of Fixing Yourself

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When it comes to repairing your broken cell phone, people usually tend to think of two things: Money and Time. Due to this, they often opt to repair their phones themselves instead of visiting a cell phone repair store. Little do they know that repairing a phone alone can cause more damage to the device […]

5 Ways to Choose the Best Phone Repair Store in Winnipeg

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Smartphones have become a part of modern society. We use them for everything from running our businesses to getting through our daily routines. In other words, this tiny gadget has greatly impacted our daily lives. However, things get tricky when our phones cannot function properly. Due to the disruption caused by problems with mobile phones, […]

5 Signs It’s Time To Take Your Iphone To A Cell Phone Repair Store

cell phone repair Winnipeg

It’s true that nothing lasts forever. There are those in the world who cannot bear to be parted from their beloved smartphone for even a second; therefore this rule also applies to our cell phones, especially those continuously being used. You may get a good number of years out of it now with regular maintenance. […]