Cell Phone Repair Store In Winnipeg Debunking Myths About iPhone

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Cell phones are an important part of our lives. Almost everyone in the world uses them, so you’ll see many opinions on how to maintain them. One of the most famous devices used worldwide is the iPhone. They’re an expensive investment, so everyone wants to take the best care of them. We all have heard of unplugging the charger timely so the device isn’t overcharged – or closing the apps while not in use to save the battery. There are many useful tips and tricks, but that doesn’t mean everything you find on the internet is true. In this blog post, our cell phone repair store will bust some of the myths you should avoid following as they can be harmful to your device.

So, let’s see what’s good for your iPhone and what’s not without delay.

Stop Closing All the Apps – Cell Phone Repair Store In Winnipeg Debunking the Myth 

It is not advised to close all the apps again and again. There is a better way to do it – i.e., to utilize the settings of your iPhone. Don’t know what we are talking about? Keep on reading.

Essentially, most of the opened programs in your “recent apps” are in a low power state and have no impact on the device’s battery life. More so, when you close your background running apps – no matter how light their usage is – the next time you or the system opens them, more battery will be consumed in activating them again. There are a couple of things you can do to avoid this. When it comes to heavy apps like Facebook and other social media apps, closing them from the background isn’t sufficient enough – you also have to disable the “background app refresh” setting for them. 

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Also, limiting the location-sharing apps is suggested to improve the battery’s health. If you want to know which apps are consuming most of your battery, go to the ‘Battery’ menu in the settings. This will help you prioritize your app usage.

However, after doing all of this, if you are still unable to see improvement in the battery – bring it to APEX Mobile. Our Apple repair in Winnipeg will help improve the device’s overall performance.

iPhone are Immune to Viruses 

Apple indeed has very strict policies about the apps available in the store, making it one of the safest devices. However, your iPhone is still just a machine – meaning the chances may have been reduced, but they are still there. Hence, you can say these devices are safe, but that doesn’t make them immune to malicious activities. To protect your phone, check the source, reviews, and specifications of the app you are about to install. It can help a lot in deciding if you want that app on your cell phone or not. 

Once You Get iPhone, There Is No Turning Back

Many people who visit us in Winnipeg think there is no going back for them if they get an iPhone. They believe it will be difficult for them to use Android, Windows, and other phones again. There is no reality to this statement.  

Our cell phone repair store has had many customers who went back from using iPhone to Android simply because it wasn’t for them. So, don’t be hesitant if you want to use iPhone; you can change it anytime you feel it isn’t the best match for you.

While there are endless myths circulating about the iPhone and the Apple brand in general, we believe that you can protect yourself from them. iPhone is an expensive investment, so before you try every hack on the device you found on the internet, we recommend you visit our cell phone repair store and consult with our technicians to ensure your smartphone remains in the best condition. Or, for more information, contact us.

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