Why Choose A Cell Phone Repair Store in Winnipeg Over Cell Phone Replacement

A Cell Phone Repair Store in Winnipeg Over Cell Phone Replacement

In the United States, the repair industry is one of the fastest-growing and has helped many unemployed people find work as well as small company owners prosper. The cell phone repair store in Winnipeg market in the United States is enormous:

U.S. industry for cell phone repairs:

  • The market is estimated to be worth $4 billion.
  • Nine thousand four hundred thirteen (9413) companies.
  • Twenty-six thousand eight hundred ninety-six people work in the industry.

Now, the new limits and monopolies by major corporations are the reason why states are passing new legislation for right-to-repair campaigns.

For instance, because the iPhone 13’s facial ID is disabled, replacing the screen is practically hard for third-party repair experts. Apple has said, however, that their updated firmware will permit repairs by outside contractors. 

Apex Mobile cell phone repair store in Winnipeg uses all genuine parts and uses top-notch machinery to fix them. We take your device on a test run to make sure everything checks out and works properly before returning it to you.

A Brief History

A significant rule that helped reopen the repair monopolies—the reverse of right-to-repair—expired in the last 25 years and made it extremely difficult for people to fix their own equipment.

The IBM Consent Decree, a document created by the US Department of Justice in 1956, succeeded in breaking IBM’s monopoly, which was out of date in 1996. Due to this, all competing brands were free to adopt the IBM business model, and as a result, nearly 90% of producers today have a monopoly on product repairs.

Right To Repair Is Important

Electronic waste is a major source of pollution today, putting future generations at risk. Every day, the United States discards 416,000 cell phones, for example. In addition to phones, cell phone repair stores usually deal with a slew of other large electronic devices that are being thrown out on a regular basis and accumulating in our oceans and on our land.

Repairs Are Cheaper Than You Think

A common misconception is that fixing a malfunctioning smartphone will cost as much as the phone itself, based on the high price of these devices. When, in fact, the opposite is true. Most smartphones can be repaired for less than half of what you spent for them, and certain iPhone repairs can be for much less than that in cell mechanics in Winnipeg.

Green Phones

It’s also better for the environment if you repair rather than replace that phone. Since phone recycling has increased to above 40%, precious metals like copper, silver, gold, and palladium can now be recovered and reused instead of being lost to the environment completely. 

You don’t have to be a part of this trend to get a free quote from a licensed repair company like Apex Mobile above. If nothing else, keeping your favorite old phone out of the trash is good for the environment.

Caveats to Be Aware of With Any Cell Phone Repair Store in Winnipeg

Finding a low-cost, high-quality phone repair shop can take some time. Getting your phone fixed quickly and correctly is a top priority when it’s broken. If an independent contractor offers a low price but does not have any certificates or positive evaluations, be careful of them.

If you’re considering using a mail-order service, remember that you may be without your phone for up to a week while your phone is fixed and sent.

The quality of a phone repair is only as good as the warranty that backs it. To avoid having to fork over more money and give up the use of your phone for a second time, you’ll need a warranty from the business that provides the service.


If you have a broken cell phone or tablet, bring it to the Apex Mobile cell phone repair store. Schedule your cell phone repair or tablet repair appointment online if you want to save yourself some time.

To get started, simply select your preferred brand and model, then select an available time slot. In addition, our cell mechanics in Winnipeg are open seven days a week including and allowing walk-in appointments, so you may find a time that works with your schedule.

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