Cell Phone Repair Store Safety Tips & Avoiding Ripoffs

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Customers who take their devices to a cell phone repair store often complain that the store “completely fouled up” their device, leaving them with a touch ID that no longer works or a screen peeling away. Some users who get their screens replaced are told that the touch ID will no longer work, so if you want to avoid this situation, be sure to ask the repair shop about this beforehand. Touch ID will continue working unless the home button is physically damaged.

When you complain that the screen is peeling off, you may hear, “this is common after a screen repair,” which is complete rubbish.

These are the initial indicators that the shop or guy has opened to cash in quickly on the popularity of related videos on YouTube.

Tip 1: Beware of Bait And Switch Tactics

Be extremely cautious while looking for a cell phone repair Store in Winnipeg on Craigslist ads. The title of many smartphone repair businesses, such as “Cracked iPhone Screen Repair,” will often have a price listed next to it. You arrive at the location under the impression that the repair will cost the same amount stated in the headline, only to discover that the actual cost is $20 more.

Before making the trip to see your smartphone repairman, contact and inquire how much a repair would cost.

Tip 2: Ask If There Is A Fee For Looking At Your Phone

If we repair your phone, you will only be charged at Quack Quack Phone Repair. Other cell phone repair stores don’t operate in the same way. Always call a phone repair shop before driving there to find out whether they have a “diagnostic fee” or if you’ll be charged to have your phone looked at. Numerous stores charge $25 to examine your phone, whether they decide to fix it or not.

You won’t be charged anything if we can’t repair your phone.

Tip 3: Never Give Your Phone Away To A “Mobile Service.

This is yet another issue when searching for a cell phone repair store on Craigslist. Many service providers that cannot afford a storefront will offer a “mobile service,” in which the provider will drive to your home and fix your phone.

Many of these repairmen have good intentions and are truthful. But like in any other field, some dishonest people might leave you in a bind. NEVER let a mobile technician leave with your phone in the car. Always arrange to meet in person and wait while the repair is done if you want to employ a mobile repair service.

Tip 4: Always Ask If Your Repairman Offers A Warranty On Parts

The best replacement components have taken a lot of effort and money to get for Quack Quack Phone Repair. The rest of the industry is not the same in this regard.

In the repair sector, faulty electronic components are not unusual. The fact is that no repair shop can guarantee that the replacement part won’t turn out to be flawed. They can, however, stand by their actions.

Always inquire about warranties before having your phone repaired. Leave if they don’t. If your replacement item turns out to be flawed, you have no protection. Over half of our new clients come to us after having their phones fixed elsewhere. They typically have to pay twice—once for a poorly done job and again for our repair. You shouldn’t be paying for a repair if the repairman can’t do it correctly the first time. That makes perfect sense.

Before getting your cell phone repair service in Winnipeg, many stores will require you to sign a release. This is standard procedure and guards against dishonest consumers who bring in defective phones and try to blame the store for them. However, always carefully read any waivers or disclaimers you might be signing. What someone is asking you to consent to can surprise you.

Tip 5: Beware Of People Offering To Junk Phones For Parts

Rule of thumb: if your phone is working before you bring it in for repair, it can probably be fixed. The general rule is as follows, though there are always exceptions. An additional opinion should be sought before selling a broken phone to a shop that offers to buy it for spare parts but claims it cannot fix it. Some shops buy broken electronics for “parts,” only to refurbish them and resale them for a profit. Bring your phone in whenever you’re unsure about whether or not it can be fixed, and we’ll have a look at it at no cost to you.

Tip 6: Customer Service And Honesty Are Usually Related

Some obnoxious cell phone repair stores are experts at fixing phones. This, however, is the exception rather than the rule. Make sure you receive courteous, professional treatment everywhere you go. If a repairman doesn’t take the time to make you feel at ease, he won’t likely take the time to fix your phone correctly at your nearest cell phone repair in Winnipeg.


Following these guidelines will increase your chances of receiving fair treatment at your cell phone repair store.