How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Computer?

It can be anywhere from as low as $45 to $200 or more depending on the issue. We try our best to deliver excellent repair services at a market competitive price. Get long-lasting tech repairs for your computer today!

How To Repair A Smartphone Battery?

You need to first check if the battery is removable or not. If it is then it is easy to switch the old one out for a new one. However, if it’s non-removable, you can bring your phone in and we can switch the old battery with a new one.

How Do You Fix A Broken Screen?

We make sure to not let the glass shards further damage the internals of the device by carefully removing all of them and replacing the broken screen with an authentic new one. Then we test run the device several times to make sure everything works.

How Do You Repair A Speaker?

Speakers get damaged either due to impact or water. We can fix the damage and make sure all the moisture is out of the unit before testing it again for audio quality. If the sound is not up to the mark, we replace the unit entirely.

Can You Fix Iphone Microphones?

Microphones stop working due to damage as well, or it could also be a loose connection. Bring your iPhone in and we can take a look. If you need a mic replacement, we offer genuine parts for it.

Can You Fix A Broken Camera Lens?

A broken camera lens is usually the glass protecting the camera that breaks. If the shards hit the lens, the lens can get damaged and you may need a replacement at that point. We make sure it doesn’t come to it as much as we can.

What If My Child Spills Water On My Phone?

We fix water damage of all sorts. If you got your device wet, there is no need to worry. Just walk into any of our stores and have your phone up and running in minimal time! We test every part of the phone after fixing it to make sure it works.

What Is A Virus?

Depending on the virus; it is a program that enters your PC without permission, makes way into other programs, duplicates itself and starts controlling the PC or causing malfunctions. It can be dangerous for your computer. We can fix these problems for you!

Can You Fix A Samsung Curved Screen?

Curved screens look aesthetically pleasing and we get why people love them. But they can be a pain in the neck for the owner to get them fixed if broken. Instead, bring it over to us and we can replace the unit within a day!

What Is The Repair Cost For Consoles?

A console repair can cost you anywhere between $20 to $110 depending on the problem. For quick and reliable services, come to any Apex Mobile store and we can give you an estimate for the work.