iPhone not Working Fine? – Try These Tips by Cell Phone Repair Store in Winnipeg

iPhone not Working Fine - Try These Tips by Cell Phone Repair Store

Apple phones are no doubt matchless for providing a comfortable user experience, but after all, they are devices that run down. There’s no need to panic if your iPhone is not showing up well. Sometimes few changes in settings, storage, and everyday use help your phone get back to optimal running. Apex Mobile CA.com believes in providing every sort of solution to its customers, from home tips to complex technical assistance. If you are an Apple phone user, here are a few tips to keep your phone performing well:

Cell phone repair store in Winnipeg; Common iPhone issues

A malfunctioning iPhone can be brought back on track after taking a few cares and making a few changes in the user settings. Not to forget, some of the iPhone issues indeed have nothing to do with the device; it’s rather all about how the phone is being used. We, the cell phone repair store, provide you with a list of common iPhone issues with solutions. If after applying these on your iPhone, it doesn’t start working fine, we will help you resolve it!

Wi-Fi not getting connected

Wi-Fi working slow or not working at all is a common iPhone issue. This is nothing to worry about; we the cell mechanics in Winnipeg are here for you! All you need is to switch it off and then restart it. For it press the home and lock button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. In most scenarios, the phone starts working fine. If the issue persists then go to settings and switch the Wi-Fi HTTP proxy to auto mode. This will most probably solve your cell Wi-Fi connection issue. 

Phone not connecting to Cellular Connection

There can be multiple reasons behind it. Sometimes, there can be just network issues or you can be in an area where there are weak signals. To resolve it, better to ensure that the network connection is stable and there is no recurring outage issue. If you are facing these network connectivity issues everywhere, all the time then there can be a malfunctioning antenna. For it, book an appointment at our repair store where there are the best cell repair mechanics in Winnipeg.

Apps getting crashed

The App Store does not offer malfunctioning apps. All apps available on the App store are thoroughly checked regarding the authentic statuses of the publishers. So if you are experiencing apps freezing, just make sure that they are updated. If you find an app crashing, check if it’s updated to the latest version or not. For it, just go to the App store and then profile and select the app that needs to be updated. After being updated, it’ll start working all fine.

Update to the latest iOS Version

Apple Inc. cares for its end users and directly sends the iOS updates to the iPhone users. If you are getting tired of a malfunctioning iPhone, just make sure you have updated it with the newest iOS version. If you have missed any updates, there’s an easy way out. Just connect your phone to your PC and force restart. It will go into recovery mode. Right here you will see the update option, click that. Trust the cell mechanics Winnipeg, in most scenarios, the device gets back to normal functioning. 

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iPhone Touch not Working

Most iPhone users experience this glitch, where the phone touch just stops responding or the screen goes black. The general reason behind it is a low-charged battery, which doesn’t support functions and the phone becomes unresponsive. First of all, restart the phone. If it remains unresponsive, charge it for an hour. The problem should not persist after taking these measures. If still, its touch doesn’t work then it’s a sign of some hardware issue. Apex Mobile CA.com is the one-shop stop at Apple repair Winnipeg if you need a high-quality touch solution. 

Apple Phone data Lost

Losing cell phone data is nothing less than trauma to its user. But, this is a common issue with iPhones and Apple has rendered its solution. We, the cell mechanics in Winnipeg often come across iPhone users being at our store for sorting lost data issues. If your phone loses data, just look over iCloud. If you have enabled it storing and retrieving lost data becomes very easy. Just sync the device to iCloud-iPhone and let the data sink over the night. The missing data will be restored.

iPhone Camera not Working

Generally, an iPhone camera not working fine can result from a few enabled camera settings by the user. If you experience some glitch while using the camera, just go to settings-general instructions and select camera. Review the camera settings, keeping in mind the particular glitch. Most of the iPhone camera problems get resolved here. If still, your camera doesn’t work well then it’s citing some hardware problem. For it, our cell phone repair Winnipeg is the right destination.

Battery Draining and getting Heat up

iPhone users often experience the phone getting heated up during a call or while getting charged. For it, just leave your phone for an hour, locally, and let it charge. Any cell phone while on-call heats up due to radiation. An instantly draining battery can be the result of a lot many unnecessary apps running simultaneously. For it, just go to settings and turn off all unwanted apps. If the battery still drains then you need a battery replacement or repair. 

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