Has some phone Glitch ruined your peace of mind? Call at our Cell Phone Repair Store In Winnipeg

cell phone glitch

Having a cell phone always with you makes you feel complete. You are connected to the global world through a few clicks. Click and do balance transfers, click and get a pizza delivery done, click and book a hotel suite, this is how cell phones have made such laborious tasks so easy. We have become addicted to cell phones the way we get addicted to our bedrooms. A single interruption gets on our nerves and destroys our happiest moods. This is how any breakdown in our smart devices makes us feel as if we have lost some of our greatest comfort zones. Apex Mobile understands your pains, this is why our cell phone repair store is the fastest and most precise in repairing.   

Our Cell Phone Repair Store In Winnipeg has Specialized Technicians

We deliver excellence through our smart technicians, who are specialized in their specific areas. They are cell phone maestros, who feel the glitch at their pulses. We work with the hindsight of problem-solving and provide ease in technical repair and data restoration at a comparatively low rate. We are cell mechanics in Winnipeg, who turn your problems into solutions on the same day. Our cell phone repair store makes the difference this way:

  • Delivery span, 24 hrs.
  • Warranty of all installed parts; software and hardware
  • Micro soldering repair service
  • Data recovery solutions
  • Logic board repair

We Repair those Faults, which many out there deny

Many ordinary mobile phone technicians out there are jacks of all arts, but masters of none. Handing over your expensive device is nothing less than a risk. Our cell mechanics in Winnipeg are assigned repair tasks based on their area of expertise. Book an appointment with us, if you are looking for the following cell phone repair:

Front/Back Camera Problem Fixing

The camera of a cell phone is the apple of its owner’s eyes and a broken down camera just spoils the mobile phone experience. A non-functioning camera decreases a mobile’s worth down to half of its total price. Apex mobile, the electronics repair Winnipeg, knows the true worth of your cell phone cameras. From lens repair to software, we bring your phone cameras back to new. Sometimes, nothing goes wrong with the camera and it’s just a few unwanted settings. In those scenarios, our team simply makes you understand that. No charges, but problems resolved!

Cell phone Battery Repair

There are two types of cell phone batteries, lithium polymer and lithium-ion,  but none of these can be repaired or even replaced by the user. Special technical tools are required for unscrewing the delicate parts and fixing them back. Our cell phone repair Winnipeg helps you in both, repair and replacement. Sometimes, there’s nothing with the battery, it’s rather a loosely fit battery and connections. In cases, we find weak cells the reason behind the malfunction of the battery, we replace them.

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Charging Port Replacement and Repair

We believe that the iPhone and many of the android batteries are really strong and do not wear out unless very badly handled and overcharged. Most of the time, a cell phone battery not showing up well is due to a faulty charging port. A loose port or a molded one is better to replace, or it ultimately damages the battery.

Water Damage Solutions

If you step in worried about a cell phone not turning on due to water damage, our team will even drive you towards trying a home remedy of placing it in the rice, first. Yes, we the cell mechanics of Winnipeg are empathetic like that! We understand that water damage is something that gets on your nerves. They minutely dry out the inner, analyze circuits and make necessary replacements, if required. Trust us, we make you return to taking selfies with the same device.

Damaged Buttons Repair

Cell phone buttons not working fine is nothing less than the trouble that shoots the blood pressure. We almost feel like fighting with the devices if their buttons don’t work. Buttons get loose or need replacement. With whatever fault you step in with, the cell phone repair Winnipeg resolves that. If you are an iPhone user, get our tip of the day. Stop using its manual sound button, if it’s working well. Its repair cost is too high and you would not like to lose that big dollar sum on that. 

Touch Not Working Fine

Want to land on the product page and the button drops you to the cart? Yes, this happens when your phone’s touch starts malfunctioning. It can be the result of a damaged screen, as well as the glass protector. No matter what, we the best cell phone repair store find out and resolve right away. 


If my phone’s screen is damaged, how much time will it take to repair it?

We repair a damaged screen within hours and return it back to you the same day.

I want to get my phone data recovered, what about its privacy?

We believe in strengthening our customer’s trust in us. Trust us, not a single bit of your data will be leaked.

If I get my cell phone screen replaced, do you offer its warranty?

Yes, we offer a warranty on all installed new parts purchased from our shop.

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