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Just One Call Fixes Up All! High-Quality Computer Repair Services In Winnipeg!

Computers can break down due to software as well as hardware issues and It becomes a real pain in the neck to get them fixed again and again. And while an old PC may require a replacement, a relatively newer one should not break down shortly after repairs. That is where we come in as our repair services come with a warranty and last you a long time!

Our expert technicians know everything about computers and how they work. With this knowledge comes granular control over how to fix your PC problems quickly and efficiently. Get your PC the treatment it deserves from the best computer repair in Winnipeg at Apex Mobile!

That is not all as we have other services to offer as well like iPhone repair and console repair. Call us now for more information!

How Are We Different?

Looking For The Best Electronic Repair in Winnipeg?

What Do We Fix For You?

screen repair

Screen Repair

We carefully remove the shards of glass making sure no internal components are damaged while we carefully switch the screen with a brand new one!


Camera Repair

Get your camera lens repaired or replaced (if necessary) by professionals so you can keep taking exquisite breathtaking photos.

Battery Repair

Battery Repair

We repair loose battery connections and replace old cells with new ones so you can get the best screen on time for long movie sessions!

Broken Buttons

Broken Buttons

Got loose or stuck buttons? Bring your device in and we can fix them for you. Button replacement is a sensitive process and we have the expertise to handle the job.


Water Damage

Our expert technicians dry out the internals and test the circuitry to check if any replacement is required. You get your device back after thorough testing.

Charging Port Replacement

Charging Port

That loose charging port is going to break sooner or later. Better to get it checked and replaced from us soon and nip it in the bud!

Back Glass Replacement

Back Glass

Broken back glass is common among many smartphones and fixing it yourself can be a hassle. Let us do it instead using genuine stock parts.

Rear Camera Repairs

Rear Camera

If your camera glass is broken, bring your device in and we can clean the shards for you. Before replacing the glass, we can repair/replace the lens if it's damaged too.

We Fix all of Your Computer Problems 

From your computer!

Hardware Repair:

We identify the physical problem with your PC, fix it and bring your computer back to normal functioning condition. We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to make sure your computer does not have to come back in for the same problem we fixed!

PC Maintenance:

Computer maintenance is important and includes things like updates and tune-ups that allow it to keep running smoothly. We also understand your hectic schedule and can do the maintenance part for you. Bring your PC in today!

Data Backup & Recovery:

If your PC breaks down on you and refuses to turn on, no need to worry! Just bring your machine in for a checkup and we can fix it in minimal time. We can extract the important data and secure it so you don’t lose anything.

Network Problem Fix:

Networks are what keep us connected and online. Our work depends on it and we cannot afford to lose connection. If you are facing any type of networking problem, our experts can remove it so you can get back to work!


First time customer, plus if I ever need more repairs, I will definitely go back here. Very friendly, fair price and repair done and ready for pick up at said time.

Noman Foidart / Google

I had a great experience taking my phone here for a screen replacement. They had it fixed in under 15 minutes! The owner was friendly, professional, and fixed the phone for a great price. Thumbs up from me.

Martinoffi / Google

Great service. Fixed my cell screen within 30 minutes of me being there. Very friendly and reasonably priced. Would recommend to anyone.

Andrew Barr / Google