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Computer issues do happen with almost every user of both laptop and desktop. The problem can be a big or a small glitch. These types of glitches can be scary sometimes. But you don’t need to panic. Because things don’t last as long as we want them to. After a few months or years of use, your computer eventually starts showing some failures and glitches. Hard drive and motherboard failures are two examples of hardware issues that are more difficult to spot. Replacements are also required for these two failures.

Sometimes it’s easy to identify the problem, and sometimes it is not. Like recognizing problems like the motherboard and keyboard issue is risky and tricky to diagnose on your own. You might not have the right tool to recognize it. In that case, bring your laptop to us at Apex Mobile and we will help fix your problem quickly by implementing the right and advanced approach and repair it within a minimal time in order to save the customer time and money without delaying their concern and not to find the right solution that devices demand to be implemented.

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Why Choose Apex Mobile in Winnipeg?

Being the leading and best Hardware repair in Winnipeg, we always try to work for customer convenience while giving them an affordable and reliable computer repair service. We ensure that when customers bring their malfunctioned devices to us, we get their issue quickly and resolve it in a minimal time and give their device back to a completely whole new look and pristine condition. We always develop advanced tools and techniques that help enable your device to be worked optimum and minimize the risk of damage.

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First time customer, plus if I ever need more repairs, I will definitely go back here. Very friendly, fair price and repair done and ready for pick up at said time.

Noman Foidart / Google

I had a great experience taking my phone here for a screen replacement. They had it fixed in under 15 minutes! The owner was friendly, professional, and fixed the phone for a great price. Thumbs up from me.

Martinoffi / Google

Great service. Fixed my cell screen within 30 minutes of me being there. Very friendly and reasonably priced. Would recommend to anyone.

Andrew Barr / Google
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