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Tablet Repair Services In Winnipeg That Lasts You A Long Time!

When it comes to tablets, one of the biggest issues is the screen. If the screen becomes unresponsive, you can no longer operate your tablet. That is one of the many problems we can fix for you so you can have an enjoyable experience. You can bring your tablet into any of our walk-in stores and get it repaired within a day!

At Apex Mobile our expert technicians have been repairing tablets of all kinds for years and have the right skill and expertise to take care of your device. Whether it’s a screen issue or a speaker malfunction, we have state-of-the-art tools and trained staff that can make them all go away!

Contact us now for one of the best tablet repair services in all of Winnipeg. We provide repair services for other gadgets like computers, consoles, Macs, Laptops, iPhones and other phone repair services as well. Feel free to check out our iPad repair services as well!

How Are We Different?

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What Do We Fix For You?

screen repair

Screen Repair

We carefully remove the shards of glass making sure no internal components are damaged while we carefully switch the screen with a brand new one!


Camera Repair

Get your camera lens repaired or replaced (if necessary) by professionals so you can keep taking exquisite breathtaking photos.

Battery Repair

Battery Repair

We repair loose battery connections and replace old cells with new ones so you can get the best screen on time for long movie sessions!

Broken Buttons

Broken Buttons

Got loose or stuck buttons? Bring your device in and we can fix them for you. Button replacement is a sensitive process and we have the expertise to handle the job.


Water Damage

Our expert technicians dry out the internals and test the circuitry to check if any replacement is required. You get your device back after thorough testing.

Charging Port Replacement

Charging Port

That loose charging port is going to break sooner or later. Better to get it checked and replaced from us soon and nip it in the bud!

Back Glass Replacement

Back Glass

Broken back glass is common among many smartphones and fixing it yourself can be a hassle. Let us do it instead using genuine stock parts.

Rear Camera Repairs

Rear Camera

If your camera glass is broken, bring your device in and we can clean the shards for you. Before replacing the glass, we can repair/replace the lens if it's damaged too.

Get Your Tablet All Types of Issues Fixed. 

Bring Your Tablet In & Let Us Get To Work!

Screen Repair:

Screens can become the biggest issue with tablets as its a large surface area so it’s easy to damage. Your tablet is useless if you can’t use the screen. We can switch the screen for you with a brand new original one! We remove the glass carefully and make sure the new screen works flawlessly.

Digitizer Repair:

Some tablets use analogue signals to digitize your input. It is used by illustrators who create digital art. All of this is possible through a digitizer that can sometimes malfunction and stop working. We check the source for the problem and try to fix the digitizer. If the damage is unrepairable, we go for a replacement with a stock one so you can start creating again!

Speaker Repair:

For a tablet, the speaker is crucial for a multimedia experience! Without a good quality speaker setup, you are missing out on the true aural experience. If one of the speakers is compromised, the entire watch time is compromised with it. Bring your tablet in and get the speaker fixed today! We test run the unit to make sure you get superior performance when it comes to audio quality.

Battery Repair:

Tablets have big battery cells as they have to power a huge display. With constant use and charging, the battery is bound to degrade with time. We can switch the cells with a new one, clean the port and make sure all connections are securely attached to the motherboard. After we are done with your tablet, you can expect a screen on time comparable to that of a new one!


First time customer, plus if I ever need more repairs, I will definitely go back here. Very friendly, fair price and repair done and ready for pick up at said time.

Noman Foidart / Google

I had a great experience taking my phone here for a screen replacement. They had it fixed in under 15 minutes! The owner was friendly, professional, and fixed the phone for a great price. Thumbs up from me.

Martinoffi / Google

Great service. Fixed my cell screen within 30 minutes of me being there. Very friendly and reasonably priced. Would recommend to anyone.

Andrew Barr / Google