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Your iPad is your companion, and without your device, you won’t be able to do anything. iPad minor damage can create a lot of trouble for you and can easily disturb your daily routine and tasks you perform on your device. One of the main reasons for water damage on the iPad is when water spills on the top of the phone, and the second one is when your iPad drops in the water pool or bathtub. In case you experienced one of these technical problems with your iPad, it’s likely that it won’t work again; you should contact our Apex Mobile in Winnipeg repair service in Winnipeg which can easily find the problem and will fix our gadget within a minimal time. And we know that not all Apple- iPads are water-resistant. So it would be best if you always tried to keep your iPad safe from getting wet. Hence, if water spills on your phone or drops it in the bathtub-don’t take stress; we are here to help you each and every time.

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We get it- we note that your device is a big part of you that lets you stay connected with your family and friends. And when your device gets wet or fully submerged in water, it can feel awful. Few water damage signs might appear in the form of screen malfunctioning or several bugs and technical issues. You’re probably in trouble if you can see moisture behind an iPad screen or camera lens. Get your tablet at Apex Mobile in Winnipeg, which can help fix your problem related to water damage. You can count on us as we all ensure that our work is completely based on reliability, and by advanced and cutting-edge technology and tools, we quickly repair your damage and give your device back for use. Instead of taking a lot of time, we practice working in minimal time so we can fix maximum devices and satisfy customers. 

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First time customer, plus if I ever need more repairs, I will definitely go back here. Very friendly, fair price and repair done and ready for pick up at said time.

Noman Foidart / Google

I had a great experience taking my phone here for a screen replacement. They had it fixed in under 15 minutes! The owner was friendly, professional, and fixed the phone for a great price. Thumbs up from me.

Martinoffi / Google

Great service. Fixed my cell screen within 30 minutes of me being there. Very friendly and reasonably priced. Would recommend to anyone.

Andrew Barr / Google
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