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Data Backup and Recovery - Phone Repair Store in Winnipeg For You

Your data saved in smart devices is very precious to you. From exciting family adventures to important work files and PDFs, everything is kept saved in our phones, tabs, and PCs. Either you want to recover lost data from a corrupted device or you want data backup while shifting to a new one, the process is very sensitive and demands care. Apex Mobile, the cell phone repair store stands tall in providing ideal data backup and recovery services. Our trustworthy team helps make safe data backups, retrieves lost data safely, and also ensures data safety if your device is vulnerable to any type of data theft.

Data Backup and Recover By Phone Repair Store in Winnipeg

Types of Data Backup

Data backup means how a user saves his work in the system for using it in the future. Our expert team makes robust data backup, no matter what device you use. It is divided into three categories and our cell phone repair store smartly manages all. 

Complete Data Backup

 Full backup provides end-to-end protection of every bit saved in the device, which is there in the single server, database, virtual machine, or any other data storage connected to the server. This type of backup is a time taking process if there is bulk data saved in the system. Once assigned this task, our cell mechanics in Winnipeg apply advanced data management solutions for storing all production system data back in the safe zone.

Incremental Data Backup

This process is conducted after a full data backup, as incremental backup recovers the newly saved data only. Once a full data backup is done, then the first incremental process acts as a chain. It works automatically, carrying forward back up from where the last incremental process was done. 

Differential Data Backup

This data backup process is also about new data, but it starts restoring from the last complete backup, not from the last incremental backup. In simple terms, this type of backup starts from where you left the device storage after the last complete backup. 

Types of Data Recovery

Data recovery means restoring deleted, lost, corrupted, or formatted data back from the secondary storage. There are different types of data recovery services based on the type of data and where you store it. Here is a list of different types of data recovery:

Hard Drive Data Recovery

This is the most common type of data recovery because all users interact with the hard drives of their system, every day. PCs, laptops, tablets, desktops, and DVRs, all have hard drives. Hard drive storage means huge data saved and losing that proves to be a big loss. The better option is to have a backup, as it can save you from any type of data loss. But, if you don’t have one and lose hard drive data, then contact us. You will find multiple solutions online directing you to freeze the drive or buy costly software, but the best solution is to get professional help. Our electronics repair Winnipeg has all the smart tools if you experience such a traumatic situation.

Optical Storage Recovery

CDs and DVDs are called optical storage, where data is stored on discs by laser writing. Optical data storage often gets corrupted by scratches and gets damaged, which results in data loss. If you have lost some precious old memories, saved in the form of videos and photos then do not try old methods of washing the discs with soaps or shampoo. The best solution for it is to hand this over to our cell mechanics in Winnipeg. Our experts will help you retrieve your precious data within minutes.  

Removable Data Recovery

Flash drives, floppy discs, SD Cards are some examples of removable data storage, which can be detached from the system unit. These storages are comparatively smaller, but often have useful study, and work of business data, which proves to be a big loss if it gets lost. This portable storage gets damaged due to mishandling or virus actions and restoring the lost data from corrupted storage is just the master art of a technical hand. Our cell phone repair Winnipeg has experienced technicians, who help recover such data very easily.

Digital Data Recovery

The devices with built-in storage are called digital data devices. Cameras, printers, smart gadgets, and digital picture frames are some examples of it. If you take a look, you are surrounded by such devices in homes and offices. In short, we all have got addicted to storing valuable data on these digital devices. Losing such storage often ruins one’s nerves and we rush for experimenting on these sensitive devices, but our cell phone repair store seriously recommends not to do that. It may result in the loss of the device as well as your cherished data. 

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