Smart Phone Maintenance – Tips by Cell Phone Repair Store In Winnipeg

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For many people, their cell phone is one of their most precious possession. The device holds hundreds of memories, so we should know how to take care of our smartphones properly. The average lifespan of these devices is two to three years – however, they can last for a lot longer if you know how to take care of them. In this blog post, our cell phone repair store has brought some maintenance tips that can help elongate your device’s life.

So, without any delay, let’s begin.

Get A Case – Suggested by All Cell Phone Repair Store In Winnipeg

There’s nothing worse than dropping your phone and watching the screen shatter. Unfortunately, this is among the most common reason for cell phone repair in Winnipeg, and there’s no guarantee that this will be fixed. The simple way to avoid this is by having a case for your phone. There are dozens of choices available for each brand and model – so you don’t have to worry about ruining your phone’s look by adding the necessary protection over it.

Add A Protector 

Speaking of protecting the screens, you should put on a screen protector. Though cell phone screens are made using tough material, they still need protection if they fall accidentally. It not only keeps the screen intact but also protects it from scratches, which can affect its functionality. So, make sure to buy a protector that is designed for your phone. 

Put it Away Carefully 

Unless your phone is covered with a case and a screen protector, avoid putting keys in the same compartment of the bag or pocket of your jeans. If your phone ever had a scratch, you’ll realize that it could really affect the touchscreen experience. 

While we’re on the topic of cell phone safety, don’t put it in risky places like balcony railings. Be careful with where you keep your phone to protect it from hazards until you’re ready to upgrade the device.

Keep It Away from Water and Extreme Temperatures

People don’t put their phones deliberately in the water, but spilling accidents are quite common. Or sometimes people forget to take it out from their pockets while enjoying themselves at the beach. And, one dip later, their phone is soaking wet. In this case, you can try a little hack of putting your phone in the rice bowl. But, what’s better is to bring it to APEX Mobile so our technicians can have a look at it and fix the device for you.

Update Your Apps

Many smartphones have a bunch of apps that manufacturers might have installed – the chances are you don’t need all of them, and they are just consuming your battery. Therefore, make sure to delete the apps you are not using to save your battery’s health.  

One more tip from our cell phone repair store is the apps you use should be running on their latest version. The app developers continuously update them to add new functionalities and reduce their battery usage. 

Clear Cache 

When you install a new app or run the old one, it may leave behind junk files in the cache. It consumes a lot of memory in the phone that could have been used for other things. Therefore, it is important that you clear them out from time to time. Both Android and iOS users have this option.

Secure your Phone 

Lastly, make sure your phone has a password, pattern, or pin so that no unauthorized person can access it. Also, don’t share this password with everyone as it can breach your privacy. 

You can take plenty of precautions to increase your device’s life and make your investment worthwhile. For more information about your phone, contact APEX Mobile.

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